21 September 2008

Renaissance Princess

What a cute wee lass!

If that isn't just the cutest little Faire goer you ever did see!

And of course we match.

Renaissance Costumes

I made my costume from an old Simplicity pattern and Bella's is from the Costume Connection Renaissance Common Woman and Girl pattern. The Costume Connection pattern was so much more logical, I am almost done with Simplicity for good. I honestly don't know how the major pattern companies can still get away with their crap instructions when there are such clearly, cleverly written alternatives out there now. I sewed Bella's in a size 5, which is a bit of a stretch since she is a 2T right now. But I can let out the hem and she can wear it for several Faires to come!

We mostly pulled Bella around in the wagon. I greatly enjoyed assuming every overhearing of the word "cute" was in reference to her. She ate some fish'n'chips and then she was so excited to get her face painted. She waited patiently in line and then (unprompted) told the face painting lady that she wanted a rainbow.

Face Painting!

We watched the daily parade, which was very exciting with music and animals. Then we went to my FAVORITE part, the Hobbit Hole!

Bella waiting to go through the Hobbit Hole:

Waiting to go in the Hobbit Hole

After you walk through the Hobbit Hole/House, you go on the Enchanted Forest hike. I adore the little fairy houses tucked in the woods, each with their poem story. And the waterfall at the end with the little windows peeking out beside it. sigh. Is it too much to ask for my backyard to look like that? Here's Bella and Brent on the hike:

Renaissance Princess

Then we looked around the shops a little more. I didn't buy anything this year, but I decided that must be because I have bought everything I wanted in the past, and most shops bring the same stuff year after year. Also, I think the best potter there has either changed hands or changed styles. (Or maybe I'm just spoiled by Evla now.) He is now the "Pottery Dude" and there were no signs of the sweet animal themes that I loved. I bought the cutest bunny bowl there once!

Anyway, we all needed a rest, so we headed back to The Children's Realm for the Queen's story hour. The Queen told great stories, just off the top of her head, with animal noises and voices and everything. Then we got a caramel apple in a dish, some soup in a bread bowl, made-our-own magical wand, and called it a day. We were there a total of about 4 hours, which seemed pretty quick, but we were exhausted. I think we had tapped out most of the kid-friendly entertainment and been sufficiently baked up by the sun. Without kids, you can spend most of your time there sitting in the shade, watching shows, and doing a little shopping. But it was worth it to go watch Bella be a little maiden, running around in her little dress. So cute!


  1. Ooh! Those pix are too adorable! Bummer about getting hurt again...no fun! I just love the one of her with Brent holding her....so sweet!

  2. I love the one of her and Brent too!