28 September 2008

A Play Smock for Claire

I had long been wanting to make this very cute little smocket for someone (pattern by Mayfly). And when my little niece Claire turned 2, I thought of it right away. She is adorable and sweet enough to wear things her auntie makes her.

Smocket for Claire Smocket for Claire

In the pocket, you can see I made little button barrettes (and slipped in a sucker). I hope those little buttons stay glued to the barrette. I wasn't sure how that is done and there is precious little how-to-make-button-barrettes info on the internet. The fabric is Kokka Menagerie's tiny smiling elephant print, from Crafty Planet (of course!). It's reversible, with a pocket on one side and a twill tape bow on the other. I wasn't too thrilled with the fit when I first tried it on Bella for size. The 'ties' at the shoulder were impossible to tie and the armholes were cutting into her pits. She quickly became very irritated with me, and I eventually had to bribe her with candy corn to let me try it on her again. I switched the ties to snaps, which turned out ok, but I'd draft it up differently next time to account for snap usage. (Also, I would have bought snaps my first trip to the fabric store instead of needing to go a second time and dropping Brent and Bella at the library, going to the fabric store next door, getting a phone call after 5 minutes, "She peed," super fast snap buying, and running back to the library. sheesh.)

My current project is finishing the dang Wildflower sweater from Lucinda Guy. What a drag of a project that is turning out to be and I can't imagine how much candy corn I will have to feed Bella to get her to wear it. She already told me she "No like it" and I should "Give it to baby Claire." Well!

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