15 September 2008

Ouch. Again.

Tonight we had a little scare, although I knew just what to do from last time! Bella somehow took a header down the stairs in our house. We are thinking it was just a few stairs, but she says it was just ONE. (We didn't see it). She appears to have (freakishly) landed on the metal part of her pony tail holder, the part that pinches the elastic in the middle and is crimped closed. So we jumped in the van (putting her little pillow behind her head) and went to good ol' urgent care. We saw the same doctor and nurse as last time Bella fell! They cleaned her up and put a staple in, she hardly cried at all. As usual, the most exciting part was picking out stickers!

Then we came home and watched Sesame Street, even though it was way past bedtime:

After head stapling

We were supposed to wake her up around 11 PM to make sure she was "coherent, rational, and knew basic facts." We decided she is none of those things normally when she is woken up, so we would have no way of distinguishing a head injury. We just let her sleep.

Hopefully, as Alison suggested, Bella is apparently getting all her head injuries out of the way nice and early on!

Although it was a freak thing, I feel weird about using those pony tail holders anymore. I switched back to the baby ones that are soft all the way around. Maybe this means I can start buying these, with bunnies and hedgehogs? For safety's sake?


  1. yikes! makes me cringe. You could try the "stay put" pony tail holders...they have a plasticy thing holding them together, and they stay amazing well in fine hair!


    Hope you are doing great! I love keeping up with you via the blog!

  2. I have one of those (why only one? no idea) so I will try it! I thought it might be too big but I will give it a shot. Great to hear from your Laur!!!

  3. I have clear plastic hair pontytail holders that are apparently just little plastic tubes cut into rings. They don't hurt going in and out and they don't show at all, which is nice for adult pin-up hairstyles that use a rubber band. I got 'em at Target. No more metal pieces.