29 August 2008

State Fair: Day 9

Today Bella and I tried something different. Instead of going to the Fair immediately upon waking, we went to the Fair at lunchtime! We arrived and went straight for a strawberries and cream Crepe (still, I dare suggest, the best food at the fair). Bella oinked so much of it that next year I will have to consider us each getting our own.

Then I asked Bella what she wanted to do. She wanted to "see the animals." OK! Now we're talking! Pigs, cows, horses? No, she wanted to see the giraffe. Luckily, I am very smart (!) and remembered the giraffe topiary at the base of the Space Tower.

Then we rode the giant slide:

After that, we headed over to create our master piece at the Spin-a-Paint booth. We were right next to a guy who spin-a-painted a frisbee and mentioned a couple times that he "does oils." I thought Bella's painting looked just as good.

We watched the parade and listened to some music and called it a day. It was so absurdly crowded, I couldn't believe it wasn't an attendance record.

Someone recently asked me what my favorite free part of the fair is. I wrote them this haiku in explanation.

Salsa Chopper Guy

Chunky red and hot
Whirring, spinning, chop chop chop
Served with a chip.

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