26 August 2008

State Fair: Day 6

Today I was a little worried that Bella would groan when I said we were going to the fair. But instead she cheered! She definitely enjoys the fair as much as I do. Today we went straight to Buni's Buns to get a big caramel roll, which Bella was almost too excited too eat (almost). Then we headed to the swine barn to get our pig ears and see some piggies.

Pig Hat

Me: "Do you think these pigs eat pancakes?"
Bella: "NO!! Pancakes are for toddlers."

Then we stopped in the cow barn and got to see a cow getting a haircut. Complete with blow dryer! Then we got a cow tattoo and headed up to the Miracle of Birth barn for some concentrated baby animal action. Or as I like to call it, the Miracle of Chaotic Claustrophobia. Good luck in there. We got to see some lambs and chicks and that was about it. The loss of Bunny Town, smashing all the animals together, and removing all exits has made this barn a nightmare. But anyway, on to something I enjoy, Creative Activities! Yay!

Bella went bonkers at the little dollhouse stuff (that bodes well!) and she got to pick out a loaf of bread to buy from St. Agnes bakery. She picked Raspberry Brown Sugar.

Raspberry Brown Sugar Bread

Then we picked up a pickle hat, which quickly usurped the pig ears. We got our picture made in the Education building and then it was time for a good old cup of joe on the Farmers Union patio. What's this, another hat? What luck!

Coffee Hat

Then Dave and Libby and the cousins met up with us after their own eventful morning at the fair. We had lunch and then caught the parade. Then, after a little nap, it was time for Cafe Accordion. They were playing from a new album and it seemed very South American and not so very Frenchy. But at least Bear liked it and wanted to see.

Holding bear up to see

Then we called it a wonderful day and headed home. 

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