26 August 2008

State Fair: Day 5

What a perfect fair evening. Met up with Alison and Jed after work, did a little shopping, a little eating, a little cruising, a little browsing of crafties.

Creative Activities

And some coffee.

Farmer's Union Coffee Shop

Played in the arcade. Watched the fireworks. Then happened upon the nightly restock of the mini donut stand, where we had many of our behind-the-scenes questions answered.

My food recommendation from tonight is the deep-fried loaded tator-tots on a stick (Axels). YUM.

And lastly, here is my effort to capture the fair through a tribute video. I love to make these so that I, for one, can watch them during the long winter doldrums of fairlessness and remember the hot afternoons and cool nights and bustle of silliness that is the Fair. And if you don't admit that the fair is silly, then I dare you to press play and watch the dancing french fry.

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