24 August 2008

State Fair: Day 3

Today Brent even joined us at the Fair! It was a gorgeous day. The prettiest fair day in recent history. I was still going strong after 11 hours, unlike yesterday, proving that sweltering heat does indeed wear you out.

We started off in Carousel Park with a good old fashioned carousel ride (Not me, I get seasick. Bella says, "Mommy will wave!"), which Bella had been looking forward to since the day before.

On the carousel

One ride I do love is the Giant Slide. Brent is usually assigned to be picture-taker. He managed to get one of Bella and I not smiling, which is weird because I swear we smiled the whole time. Huh.

Giant Slide

It was absurdly busy, but I kind of like that. I like coming up over a crest and seeing the insane sea of people milling in front of you, and always getting the hottest possible food because booths are going through it like crazy, and avoiding the pile-up at the bottom of the Giant Slide, and getting to overhear lots of good conversations. Oh, speaking of food, we had quite an adventurous eating day...
  • Buni's Buns: possibly the greatest caramel roll I've ever had. It's going to be hard not getting one of these every morning. Brent and I split one, except that I ended up eating all but 2 bites. Oops.
  • Roasted Corn: I predicted Bella would love this, since she can eat 2 ears of corn at a go, but she was all, "eh."
  • Honey Lemonade: I plan on never drinking anything else at the fair.
  • Pizza on a Stick: This was from Green Mill and was AWESOME. 
  • Bacon on a stick: Not that great. It is so thick (1/3 lb) that it tastes almost more like jerky or something. I like bacon that melts in your mouth!
  • Strawberry Crepe: Totally fantastic. I am back on crepes after my first day leather-crepe let down.
  • Peanut Butter Hot Dog: Of our group, I was the only one who liked this. But I like like LIKED it! Disclaimer: I like peanut butter, honey, and hot dogs more than your average person.
  • Chocolate covered bacon: Um. Yuck?
  • Jamaican Jerk Pork Chop on a stick: Fabulouso. Now here's some pork that melts in your mouth. (in the Bazaar)
Here is Bella eating the chocolate covered bacon:

Chocolate covered bacon

I think that about covers it. Oh, and some ice cream for Bella. Which we impulsively got in milk shake format, not realizing that would blow her mind. "I'm eating ice cream with A STRAW!!" 

I should clarify that we met up with several people during the day, and so didn't order all of this food ourselves. Except for the Buni Bun. That was pretty much all me.

Bella was still a little tired from our previous day at the Fair, apparently, since she took a 3.5 hour nap in the stroller. While she napped we strollered her all over the fair, snacking, listening to bands, playing skee-ball, people-watching, drinking beer. 

Bella and I did a little shopping for Fairwear. We got cute shirts, both on sale, which is shocking in the Fairwear store. We will be sporting them on Tuesday during our second Mommy/Daughter day.

We popped in to check out the butterheads and I was so impressed with the new butterhead gazebo! It seems smaller, but is bumped out from the corner, so you can go almost 360 around it. What a huge improvement!

Butterhead Carving

As some of you may remember, last year I made Bella an Alphabet at the Fair scrapbook. When we walked up to the butterheads, Bella asks, "Where's the B?" Because B is for Butterheads!

Bella, just chillin' in Baldwin Park, where she was unfortunately not entertained by the juggler (so we moved on to cows):

Relaxing at Baldwin Park

I stopped by J. O'Donogue Books in Heritage Square and was able to flip through the much hyped State Fair photo book, new this year. Not too impressive. I certainly have many better pictures of the fair in my collection, and I know A & J certainly could top those too. There are a few great pictures, but certainly there are some way cooler ones just hanging out on Flickr

What a great fair day, weatherwise, companywise, foodwise, and otherwise. 

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