22 August 2008

State Fair: Day 2

What a sweltering day at the fair! I was sweating buckets. Whenever I'd see someone in long pants, I would think, "Seriously? SERIOUSLY??" So. Hot. But then right when I thought I might keel over from the smell of my own armpits, the sky very accommodatingly clouded up and even misted a little rain. Ahhhhhhhh. That's better.

But anyway, the heat didn't stop Bella and I, and about a gazillion other people, from enjoying a day at the fair. It was Fire Prevention day, so there were lots and LOTS of firetrucks hanging about. We went straight for the Super Jump to avoid lines. We still had to wait behind 5 kids, which turned out to be about 20 minutes. Bella waited patiently, clutching her ticket. She didn't get patient waiting from me, since I was busy harumphing and fidgeting and sighing loudly. But it was worth the wait.

She loved it. Later, while we were relaxing in front of a band, she said, "Remember yesterday, when I had fun on the jumper?" (Still a little foggy on the whole idea of time).

Time for a snow cone! I hate buying things I don't like to eat the remainder of. Also I hate buying things that turn stroller and occupant blue.

Snow Cone

Little Farm Hands is as cute as ever.

Driving the tractor:

Driving the tractor

Planting a potato (with her "holer"):

Planting a potato

Ready to go to the Farmer's Market and earn her dollar!

Little Farmhand

She used her dollar to buy an apple. Which was sour and thick-skinned if you ask me, but she enjoyed gnawing on it.

After that, we did what every farm girl does after coming in from the fields. We got our nails painted! Bella loved it so much, the woman did all ten nails, and I bought the little pens too. Because, as I learned from the guide inside the box, "Just like the clothes you wear and the way you style your hair, the designs you create on your nails will show others your true individual character."

Flowery Fingernails

Can you even see the nail polish on this grimy little hands?

We napped by the greenhouse/Bailey house, which turns out to actually be almost a better nap spot than my previous favorite behind the old bazaar, except that at 2 o'clock the parade goes by and that's the end of that. But we loved the parade. Smokey the Bear was a big hit with Bella.

Bella then played in the topiaries (see yesterday's pictures), talking to them, naming them, wanting her photo with them. It was so cute, maybe I should buy her one. Wait, how much are they? $4000 for a buffalo?

We got a banana instead. (As in a piece of fruit, not a banana topiary.)

Although this little guy is already winning me over. He'll wear me down during the fair. With his perky little ears. "I could live in your garden! I'll be good, I promise."

Bunny Topiary

We visited the real bunnies too, and saw the most excitement I've ever seen in the bunny barn. ESCAPED BUNNIES!! A 4-H clad adult gave Bella a little shove, and as I turned to do a mommy throwdown, I saw that she was frantically trying to move in the direction of three bunnies hopping confusedly around on the floor. Pepper would have bolted out of the barn and into the Turkey-to-Go booth and chewed through their power cords before anyone could have reacted. But these little guys just milled around in a little herd, sniffing and hopping. So cute. Bella enjoyed asking every bunny, "Do you want a treat? Aw, you do? Ok." (this is normal dialog with our bunnies), which made me feel so bad for the buns. I was giving them apologetic looks behind Bella's back.

What a great day at the fair. I am looking forward to some cooler weekend weather.

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