22 August 2008

State Fair: Day 1

Entering the fair this morning, it did feel (as Alison pointed out) that I had never left. All the time since last year was gone in the blink of an eye, and here it was, fairtime again. Just a quick photo recap:

First, a quick cup of coffee. Only $1!

Moon Beam Coffee

First day briefing at the Cookie booth:

Employees getting briefed in the morning

Giant Slide workers go for the first ride:

Employees test the giant slide

Mixing up a first batch of candy bar coating batter:

Mixing up some Candy Bar on a stick batter

A quick stop up to see the new Bazaar:

New International Bazaar

This fruit booth outside the bazaar looks great:

Stocking Produce

These topiaries are one of the coolest things there:


This looks really good, although I'm waiting for Brent:


And then it was just a big bunny extravaganza, along with a misty rain and some very late fireworks.

Messy Bunny

Antenna Bunny

Big and little bunnies

Fluffy Bunny

Alarmed Bunny

Bella and I are off for Day 2!

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