09 July 2008

Up North

I would like all you anti-global warming people to take a look at this. A nice fourth of July picnic.

A perfect day for a picnic

Is that little girl wearing a parka? A down parka? Why yes! Yes she is! Because it's FREEZING out. A perfect day for a Minnesota picnic? Apparently. Dad found a hiking trail near this picnic site (which we took the boat to) and Bella enjoyed hiking for about 12 feet before needing to be piggy-backed. That warmed me right up, hiking with a 25 lb piggy on my back! Bella fell asleep sitting up in the boat on the ride home.

We had a jolly old time up north taking boat rides, playing at the beach, eating ice cream, and having our (Bella's, of course) every desire be granted by Nana and G'pa. Here we are for Brent's "Half Birthday" Dinner (my parents celebrate in July because it is more convenient):

Happy family up north

The cake was red velvet and was delicious. I plan on finding a recipe to try it out soon.

And a perfect of illustration of doting grandparents: Bella wanted to play with bubbles, but Nana forgot to pack the bubbles, so Gpa made bubble solution and a wire bubble wand.

Gpa's homemade bubbles

And one of my favorite parts about the lake, boating to get ice cream! Bella didn't like to get splashed, so she was usually telling Gpa to go slower. Here's a video of us on a boatride to get ice cream:

Bella didn't manage to stay up for the fireworks, which were shot off over the bay on Saturday. My parents and I got driven away by the mosquitoes anyway.

Fireworks on Lake Vermilion

Heading back to the cabin

On Monday I left Bella napping in a wagon under a pine tree and headed out with a friend to the local quilt shop. I fell in love with the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt they had on display (similar to this one). However, with New Years Resolution 2008 ringing in my ears, I resisted purchasing a new project! Except for a pattern and some fabric to make toddler pants. I guess that counts. Shoot.

The 4-hour drive home on Tuesday was a doozy. Bella was restless and grumpy and Brent had already driven home, so no one to entertain her. We stopped at a park in Cloquet to get some wiggles out and have a snack. Bella must have noticed that I was longing for Brent to be with us, because she cheerfully pointed out that a daddy right next to us had on "cute pants and a cute shirt."

Another fourth of July up north, full of fun and memories and ice cream, the stuff childhood is made of.

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