21 July 2008

Happy Campers

Happy Camper Family

We had quite a weekend, camping our hearts out at Interstate State Park (Wisconsin side). We arrived at dinner time on Friday, set up camp, and began making my Mexican feast for dinner: dutch-oven chicken enchiladas and tin foil nachos. Ole! But what is this? A real Mexican is camping with us? Oops. Well, the (Mexican) friend of a friend joining us got a good laugh out of my fiesta. Thank goodness I left the zombrero at home (due to space constraints).

We had a bit of a rough night, partly due to Bella being an overtired lunatic and partly due to the people in the next campsite. Let me give you a hint: You might be a redneck if.... you bring more than 2 dogs camping, you have so many kids that you need to bring 3 tents, and you like to shout at both dogs/kids while chopping firewood that you're going to "cut their noses off." But, as I lay listening to all the shouting and barking and chopping and tent-stake-pounding-in at 11:30 PM, I thought smugly to myself, "What goes around comes around, assholes. I will unleash my no-volume-control toddler on you at the break of dawn!" But I ended up getting no satisfaction, since they were up at the break of dawn chopping firewood on my head (I'm fairly sure it was on my head. Otherwise, how could it have been so loud?).

The next morning Bella was so excited to open a special camping treat:

Bella loves her new tent toy

She loves it so much that even at home she wants to sleep with the little dolls.

Then it was off on our first geo-cache hike! Which was pretty much a normal hike, except in the middle, five of the adults disappear and root around in the woods. Brent finally found the cache, which was disguised as a big rock!

Emma and Bella on a hike

Brent finds the geocache!!

Then it was weenie roasting time and then a quick run to the St. Croix Falls espresso bar, then swimming on a nice sandy beach, then pouring POURING buckets of gushing rain. The ranger drove around saying there was a possibility of evacuation. So we did what every good camper does when it rains... we all got in our minivans and went to see Space Chimps!!

After the movie it had cleared up and it just happened to be time for the St. Croix Falls parade.

Waiting for Wannigan Parade in St. Croix Falls, WI

We had a much nicer night the second night--I flashed my flashlight at the site next door in annoyance, and after that they all jumped in their trucks and left for a while. Huh. We stayed up late around the campfire, then woke up and had pancakes and sausages and packed up camp before heading on a beautiful bluff hike.

The whole gang on the trail

That picture looks crowded but is actually only 9 out of the 15 of us! Oh and I almost forgot to mention the craziest part... we all have the same minivan!! So if you have a Toyota Sienna and want to join the camping club, let me know!


  1. When will we see the State Fair count down? It seems odd to me that it is almost August and there has been no mention of the GREATEST FAIR ON EARTH, ever!


  2. Aren't you impressed with my restraint?! I've been blathering on about it in real life.
    Countdown: 27 days.
    Do you have your Backstreet Boys tickets yet?

  3. I must admit that I do not have my backstreet boys tickets yet. I am ever, even married, the fun sink. A singularity of such density and un-fun that no fun can escape and is sucked in and destroyed.

    I didn't know that your Fair reticence was restraint. I thought perhaps the Fair lost its appeal or something catastrophic. 27 days? that's not far away at all. woot!


  4. The suspense... What does a real Mexican eat when camping? Exotic ethnic food, like polish sausage or bratwurst? Lutefisk?

  5. Exotic ethnic food... like Dora shaped pancakes! All the kids were pretty jealous of those. I asked how they made them and it sounded hard, first you put the hair, eyes,and mouth down, then you form them a little with a spatula, then you pour the face in after the rest has cooked a little bit... ALL THIS WHILE CAMPING!!