25 July 2008

Happy Birthday Bun

Hi Pepper. Remember when this blog was all about you? Ahh, the good old days. Right?


Look how wise and relaxed you look. You understand.

Pepper recently had to go to the vet. I warned them that she can be grumpy about inspections of her personal self. So they went and put on their armpit-length leather gauntlets, just to be safe. In the meantime, Pepper is snuggling a beach towel and sniffing cautiously. Obviously ferocious. They pick her up with the leather gauntlets, she snuggles into their chest. She goes to sleep. Hmmm, I said, apparently she is only grumpy about MY inspections of her personal self. They decide she needs a bath. Um, I say nervously, maybe you should wear some eye protection? But five minutes later, there's Pepper in a bath,practically cooing and smiling while they doted on her. Well!

Pepper, seven years, and do I really know you at all? You still surprise me.

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