19 June 2008


I avidly read Yarn Harlot, and her recent Stash Toss this spring (apparently "toss" in Canadian means a good going-through. What I would call a "yarn fondle." But anyway.) was highly amusing. I don't have much of a stash because I am very careful (cheap) and only buy yarn for specific projects. I have always been secretly proud of myself for this organization and frugality. Why hoard? It's just silly. I mean, why would you stockpile?

Coffee canister

Coffee in the counter garage

It just doesn't make sense. I'm so glad I'm much more practical than that.

Coffee hiding

Coffee Stash

What is the urge to hoard? So primitive! I am much more highly evolved than that.

Coffee up on top

Coffee in the bedroom

Whoops, is that 13 lbs of coffee in the house? And is one of those pounds in the bedroom?

Um. Yeah.

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