15 May 2008



Red isn't my usual go-to color in the Spring. Green, yellow, creamy whites. But this year, red is around.

Spring garden

I couldn't be more excited about FLOWERS. Hello tulips! Hello pansies! It's been a long time. Won't you stay a while? I spend a lot of time just gazing at them out in the garden. The big magnolias are in bloom all over campus--every spring I marvel at their early blossoms and wonderful smell and make a note to plant one in our yard. But I never do. I have big gardening plans (again). The other half of the back patio is going to be a beautiful fairy garden. I figure Bella and I can make some fairy houses and it'll be a fun project. But first I have to clear out a big pile of yard junk that we inherited when we bought the house. I am sorely tempted to hire that out. But once I start hiring, I won't be able to stop until the yard is re-graded, sprinklers are installed, and the landscape rock (my arch nemesis!!) is carted away. So I'm afraid to break that seal!

What can I say, spring makes me goofy. It makes me want to plant flowers and build fairy houses and write romances and play music and drink lemonade and go to Anne of Green Gables Tea Parties.

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  1. Fairy houses sound like a fun project. I saw some the other day that had little bells inside, so you'd know when the fairies were home!