05 April 2008

Easter Fun

Finishing touches

For the first time in years, we actually dyed eggs at our house. It was a big hit, especially since I had bought the Sesame Street themed dye pack. Whoever put it together was very in tune with the needs of a toddler, since it came with 100 stickers. Bella was kept busy for hours!

Easter, itself, I will complain about to anyone who will listen in hopes of reaching congress or the Pope or the United Nations or WHOEVER cares enough to have mercy on us and move it to a more springy date. March 23? Seriously? We were throwing eggs outside into the snow to make an "egg hunt" for the kids. If the Pope could see that--the kids trying to dig in the snow and fumble with the eggs because of their mittens--I believe he would have pity on us and move it to some respectable date in late April. Or possibly July.

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