15 April 2008


It's cupcake week on Martha Stewart, and look what I just made:

Cupcake set

The trendiness--Can you even stand it? It was a very cute set to make. And in fact, it is my first entry in Ravelry, for which I had to suffer WEEKS of waiting for a chance to join. I was SALIVATING to get on there and catalog my projects and snoop around at other's stuff. But then, when I entered this one, it wanted to know what kind of yarn, where did I buy it, how many yards did I use, how many grams did I use, and on and on! So many details! I didn't know it would be like this! My enthusiasm quickly flagged. But I hope to get reinvigorated because I really do think it is the best of ideas. A knitting social networking site. I have to support it just out of principle!

We are busy as bees around here getting ready for the BIG TRIP. We are plotting and planning, writing and cleaning, buying and listmaking. I am enjoying it, surprisingly. There's a reason people do Spring cleaning! It's satisfying! And you can find stuff afterwards.

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