12 February 2008

Valentine Soiree

Candlelit Conservatory

Sunday night we went to the Candlelight Valentine Soiree at the Conservatory. It was about -10 degrees outside and about 80 degrees inside and candlelit with wafting flower scents and a harpist, so it was like walking into a softer, magical world. Bella enjoyed motoring around the paths and finding fountains to throw pennies into. She got a frog tattoo, said "Hi Sloth!" to a 3-toed sloth, colored a valentine, and watched the dancers in twirly skirts. (Me: "Do you want to dance?" Bella: [pulls at crotch of snowpants] "I no skirt!")

Candlelit Conservatory

Brent was not as taken with the idea of venturing forth on such a subarctic day to see plants in a glass house. But I was able to sway him with a movie point from our Movie Meter Point System. Which is kind of hard to explain. But basically, I had to bribe him to go and now I will end up having to go see Rambo or something to pay the piper.

Valentine's party at the Conservatory

They appear to be having a decent time anyway. And I made things as painless as possible by doing door-to-door pickup and making delicious hot cocoa with sprinkles and booze when we got home to our cozy, warm house.

Brrrr... home for cocoa

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