08 February 2008

Paper roses


Here are some roses to brighten a snowy, cold day. I have been making them out of crepe paper. They take a while but I think they look even prettier than a real rose. So cheery and full, and quite confident in their longevity. Also a good procrastination from my 2008 goal of finishing all in progress projects. Nothing like a fresh project.

Since the last post, I have been on my annual scrapbooking weekend. We caravan up to Arbor Ridge Retreat in Brainerd, where I sequester myself for 2.5 days of paper fondling and photo enshrining. I made 40 pages, which is all my scrapbooking for 2007 plus I went back and did some big events I had missed. I also finished Bella's Al-FAIR-bet book, which is SO DAMN CUTE. After sitting through the fair book for the 15th time, I got out the family scrapbooks and she pored over those too. She is so interested in the people, not the events, which is so different than how I normally think of it. That's Bella, keepin' it real.

Here's my much hyped skirt with apron:


I love to wear it. I feel pretty! I don't get very many comments on it, probably because it's kind of crazy, acid-trip fabrics and has a weird, confusing apron thing. But no comments I guess is what I was going for, since I was recently complaining about the trend where women guess where you got something. "Is that from Ann Taylor Loft??" It was driving me crazy. I don't know why. Call it an uncalled for retaliation against soccer mom uniformity. Maybe that's what I should have titled this photo instead of "skirt."

Brent and I went out the weekend before last with some friends and saw Juno. We also drank wine and talked about religion, so it was a surreal and, in places, regretful evening. Juno did not live up to the hype, which is the only nice thing I can think to say about it. I agree with Matt's earlier comment about it being too clever. But we are certainly in the minority (where I prefer to be, see "skirt" above), since it has a flippin' 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Which, I might add, is exactly the same rating as Fargo and six points higher than Shawshank Redemption (just threw that in for perspective). Did I mention it doesn't live up to the hype? I also regretted, as always, debating the pros and cons of church with anyone who is not a direct member of my household (i.e. Brent). Ah well, hopefully they are as hard to offend as I am.

I have let the house go to seed the last few weeks. But I am progressing along nicely in my DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) venues. I have convinced myself it counts as exercise and therefore is  time better spent than folding laundry or vacuuming our incredibly dirty carpets.  It's also teaching me handy slang for talking to the younger generation. Next time a babysitter comes over, they are going to think I am so cool when I tell them they are "tearing it up" and they are "100% awesome." 

Coolest mom on the block? CHECK.


  1. aha, You are right. parts of the evening were regrettable. I don't think I ever knew the difference until googling them just now.

  2. Amy, I LOVE your skirt! And, BTW, they don't carry anything even approaching that level of cool at Ann Taylor Loft. Seriously.

  3. You are very hip to the scene... you taught katie and I about "tote."

    a:Dude, that benz must have cost him a lot of cheddar!
    b:Tote! it's the dogs bollocks