22 January 2008

You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too.

Watching the turtles

Here are Bella and a little friend watching what I'm pretty sure was two screwing turtles. But since they have a very brief attention span, I don't think they saw more than a thrust or two, so it was probably just confusing rather than scarring.

I hadn't been to the zoo (the "new zoo" as Brent calls it) in a long time and I was pleasantly surprised to find a winter dolphin show (it's enclosed!), a food court (not just Dairy Queen!), and a Caribou (praise the lord!). But the rest was pretty much the same. It is peak mating season for the snow monkeys (according to the placquard), which means their butts are as red as they get. Why aren't they advertising this?! Instead we hear about new dolphins. Lame. MAXIMUM. BUTT. REDNESS. The crowds should be pouring in.

We rode the monorail, because we deemed it too cold outside to walk around, since it was only 25 degrees. I know. Hilarious.

Since our trip to the zoo, we have celebrated the big 2 birthday. Bella got a Curious George quilt, which she was surprisingly excited about, and a vacuum, which she managed to pinch herself with in the first 12 seconds and now whenever she plays with it she has to describe how it pinched her right HERE and how she CRIED. But did I mention it is a working vacuum? So once we are over the pinch-trauma hurdle, we are going to have the most enthusaistically and randomly cleaned carpets in town. Yay!


  1. Yeah! Happy Birthday Bella!


    wow, that went fast.

    and... yeah for some reason I call it the "New Zoo" too... although I consciously drop the ‘new’ when I talk about it out loud. Cause it isn’t new… it’s been around for a very long time. I mean it might have been new when I was in sixth grade… but that was many years ago.


  2. oh and another thing... we abused the fact that I work for the fed gov and Katie works for a bank. Instead of hanging out with our baby on monday we dropped her off at the day care and went to uptown. We hit papersource, booksmart, and saw Juno.

    Juno was good but the script was too clever. Plus there's been too much diablo cody rammed down my throat. And there was a guy who laughed too hard at every joke. But even considering all that it was still a cute, sweet movie.


  3. Too Clever? Now I want to see it just to see what a TOO clever script would be like.

    Unfortunately, I am booked for Rambo on Saturday night. Unless I can find a concurrent chic flick at the same theater to duck into.

    Just to satisfy my curiousity, the zoo was new in 1978. Coincidentally, I was fairly new in 1978 too! All you old guys can call it the "new zoo."

  4. Okay... so even by my experience then the New Zoo has never been New... I was three when it opened... wow thirty years ago. I think that after a location/store/public space/attraction has been open for ten years you can no longer call it the 'new (insert location name here).'

    -old matt

  5. The Curious George quilt is amazing! Lucky little Bella! Is she available to come over to our place to show Margo how to use the "real" vacuum?
    Katie B

  6. Happy Birthday, Bella! Amy, the quilt is REALLY cute. Good job!

  7. Hey thanks for the complements on the quilt! It is not so great close-up, I assure you. But it turned out better than previous quilting attempts. And I believe it is the first momcrafted item that Bella actually likes.

    Katie, Bella would love to come vacuum your house! She would even give you the friends and family discount, which means she will work for fruit snacks.