07 January 2008


Birthday Cake

I could tell you Bella helped write the cake inscription and that is why it looks like a drunk person did it. But that would not be true. And would violate one of my main New Year's Resolutions of Super Accuracy. In truth, it was me alone who did a shameful job. It was not my fault, however! I blame the squeeze-y tube of cakemate frosting. Which gave me carpal tunnel and a stroke simultaneously. Happy Birthday, INDEED!

I think this photo summarizes the problems with a January 5 birthday pretty well. The stained Christmas tablecloth represents all of us, his family, party-weary and barely able to muster ourselves to wrap something, certainly NOT in non-Christmas paper. The drunken writing on the cake represents that we're party-weary and barely able to.... wait. Well yeah. You get the idea.

And yes, I know, I had a January baby and so am perpetuating the problem of post-holiday birthdays. ACK! Luckily, Bella is little enough that we just put away Christmas presents that she is too saturated to open and whip them out again a few weeks later. Happy Birthday! This year she is getting a Curious George quilt from me. But unfortunately, she, who was needs-a-therapist-crazy about George just a month ago, is now only interested in Santa. Guess I should have made her a Santa quilt. Or maybe a pre-emptive Easter Bunny quilt? Can you outfox a fox? My quilting skills still leave a lot to be desired, as you will see when I post pictures of my wonky quilt, so I am planning on taking a Crafty Planet quilt class at the earliest opportunity.

Speaking of which, my Crafty Planet skirt class is amazing! I learned how to put in an invisible zipper for real, not just me smashing it in and then ironing the hell out of it: "HULK put in invisible Zipper! HULK smash!" And when you need something for your project, the instructor walks into the store with you and helps you pick out exactly the right (zipper, interfacing, etc) for your project. How cool is that?! My only qualm is that with the class and the fabric and all told, my skirt is going to be a $110 garment. So don't be surprised if I never take it off.

You: Hey Amy, nice skirt!
Me: Thanks, I made it!
You, next day: Hey Amy, nice skirt!
Me: Thanks, it's the one I made but inside out this time!
You, day after that: Hey Amy, nice head scarf!
Me: Thanks, it's my skirt wrapped around my head!


  1. Perhaps you are looking at January birthdays in the wrong light. I see January parties as a means to keep the party going! woot woot! Without a January birthday to celebrate you are left with the cold reality of party withdrawal during the coldest months of the year. With a sufficient number of birthdays throughout January and February you can make that buzz last until spring.


  2. Ohmygosh, Who'd athunk you are such a glass-is-half-full person? I mean really? But if you were out shopping for someone for the 100th time in a month... would you be saying that?! If it were just keeping the party going, that's one thing. But it's keeping the gift-scrounging going that gets you.

  3. Gift hunting... good point. I was only thinking of the fete-ing and not the gifting. I'm always up for another slice of cake and glass of wine. But trying to figure out what to give the birthday person could be hard following the Christmas extravaganza. Plus shopping is an abhorrent pain in the rear this time of year... what with all of those people milling aimlessly.

    But there has to be a solution... I'll think this over.

    -matt (the glass-is-half-full-and-could-use-a-topping-off sort of guy)

  4. possible solutions:
    A)no presents for adults celebrating birhtdays in january
    B) adult celebrants buy everyone else presents
    D) accept the burden that is a january birthday.