22 December 2007

We need a little Christmas

right this very minute! I've had that song stuck in my head all day, which is not representative of life around here: we've got Christmas goin' on! Cookies baked, fudge eaten, gifts wrapped. Oh wait, I haven't started wrapping. I haaaate wrapping. Brent doesn't mind it but he doesn't wrap up to my standards (paper, sharpie, DONE), so that is what I get for being a fussbucket about it. However, I find Brent's wrapping is more than sufficient if he is wrapping a fancy new yarn swift! for me! Then he may paper/sharpie away. I got to open my present early, so here it is, in all its wonderful, yarny goodness.

Yarn Swift

I wound a big hank of alpaca that I got at the State Fair to test it out. I was done, including time to unwind the helpful (backwards) winding that Bella did, in about 5 minutes. Whoah! Greased lightning! That's hours of ball-winding on the couch saved! (Which will now turn into just plain hours on the couch. What's the point of a time-saver that doesn't allow for more couch time?)

Here's Bella having hot cocoa after playing in the snow all afternoon.

Hot Cocoa

How cute is she with her tiny little mug? SO DAMN CUTE! You would have flopped over in a cute-faint if you'd seen it. Yes, you totally would have.

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