14 December 2007

The stockings were hung...

Stockings for three

We got the tree this weekend too, so we are in full Christmas swing around here. Although some of us had a harder time getting into the spirit than others.

Getting the Christmas Tree

We are at the U of M Forestry Club tree lot, where we picked out a tree in approximately 9 nanoseconds due to the super duper freezing cold.
Forestry guy: Can I help you find something?
Us: Balsam! 6 feet! Put it in the back!
Forestry guy: I bet she would like a candy cane.
Us: Yes! Put it in the back! 
But we got home and calmed down as all of us thawed out. Including our super cute tree. The next day Bella helped decorate it.

Hanging an Ornament

Last night I was happily crafting away in my craftanctuary when I happened to glance at a Crafty Planet business card I had tacked up on the wall (after ordering the cutest fabric ever) and was hit by a bolt of lightning when I noticed that Crafty Planet is in Minneapolis. WHA?! And only a few miles from work to boot! How could I have not noticed this before? I am so pumped. I have already registered for this skirt class. I had to control myself to not sign up for everything. Quilting! Embroidery! Knitting! And look--there are scooters parked out front! 

Oh Crafty Planet, I love you. Oh, and I especially love Brent, for not minding me taking a skirt class on his birthday. What a guy. Thanks cutie! 

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