27 December 2007


Afternoon chai
Nice to start the post with a big steaming cup of chai. Ahhhhh!

And in a new Martha Stewart mug, no less! Just one of my wonderful Christmas presents from my very awesome family! I got many of the books I was coveting on my wishlist, as well as some great kitchen items. I already don't know how I lived without an immersion blender. We made potato leek soup and instead of whipping out the Foley food-mill and creating an, um, textured soup, I stuck my new blender in and ZIP! Creamy soup! We couldn't believe it. I mean, wow. It was really cool. (we take soup pretty seriously!)

Potato Leek Soup

Of course Bella made the big haul for Christmas. She is well-stocked with play food, vehicles, books, etc. Here she is washing up in her new kitchen. 

Washing her hands
I must say, the holidays are wonderful, with lots of cozy family time and crafting and bustling. But I am in some need of R & R. Staying up late working on gifts and various ambitious preparations left me just plain tuckered out. We are sending Bella to daycare this week (enter MOM GUILT stage left) so Brent and I can do whatever relaxing necessary. Yesterday I did a little post-holiday bargain hunting (with some success) and then we went to a movie (Sweeney Todd) and lunch. Today was a humongous Ikea trip--something we've been looking forward to for a year! And in case you're wondering where all the senior citizens are, they're at Ikea, drinking free coffee before 10 am. After that, I'm not sure where they go. 

And here, for good measure, is my 2008 Christmas Resolution, typed in black and white so I won't forget it: have all the gifts bought/finished* by December first! How do you organized people do it? I even thought I was organized this year! Ahh, that seemed so naive as my mom stood in my dining room doing my wrapping and my dad was in the kitchen doing my cooking.

*One way, I think, would be to do less of a homemade Christmas. There was a lot of pressure online this year to give homemade. There was even an online pledge you could "sign"--very popular with the crafty types. I did not sign it, because the last part of it said to tell other people to buy you homemade. And that just seems bossy. Also, last time I checked, immersion blender = not homemade. And boy I wanted that. Did I mention the soup was LIKE VELVET?!


  1. AMy, I can hear your voice when I read your blog. Has anyone ever told you that you look like the sister on 6 feet under? Just had to tell you that before I forgot. Also, you got a table for the little ONES? What does that mean, exactly?

  2. Hey, the sister on 6 feet under was HOT! sweet! Also, I know for a fact that she's a knitter. Double HOT!
    And I can see how the "little ones" comment and the purchase of the big girl bed could be misconstrued, but no buns are in the oven, I can assure you!