07 December 2007


Well it's not quite solstice time, but it's darker than heck around here, so I figure a little festival of light action isn't out of line. Also, I finished these ahead of schedule--always a shock.

Santa Lucia Dolls
Santa Lucia Dolls

Mine turned out quite different from authentic Swedish wooden Lucias. Like for example, I included a red-head. But at least mine don't look absolutely shocked to be participating. (Oh dear God what am I doing?) And that lightbulb coming out of Lucia's head--hilarious! I can't stop laughing about that. 

I was a little foggy on the whole Santa Lucia thing, not being Swedish* or anything. But a quick goog later and I am now an expert. Young girl: check. Singing: check. Blazing candles: check. Crown of lingonberry twigs: um, no check. Steaming coffee: definite check. Saffron buns--oh yeah, those are so going to be a check. Here is a recipe, it was listed on a Swedish tourism site, right before "Dip Sauces - to go with smoked reindeer meat." Maybe that's what those wooden Lucias are looking at, a smoking reindeer. 

*Although today I did go to a Swedish Holiday lunch at a Lutheran church... it was meatballs and lefse and cranberries--ok, that's familiar, delicious territory--and fruit soup (I had never even heard of this, that's how not Swedish I apparently am) and lots of little cookies that tasted like cardamom and looked very time-consuming to make. 

I am visiting the folks in Rochester this weekend, which for me equals some quality relaxation time and for Bella equals non-stop cheese consumption. Today she ate cheese for what Grampa (the non-exaggerating one) estimated was 4 hours. Then she fell asleep on a giant fish. Does cheese have that tryptofan stuff in it? I think she was just tired from her jaw moving up and down so much. Since on top of chomping down 3 pounds of cheese, she jabbers a lot. (She gets that from Brent. Talk talk TALK.)

Oh, and can I just add: BRRRRR! Definitely time to break out the hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. 


  1. I love all your latest updates! The Lucia dolls are GREAT! Too cute! You'll have to let me know what you used for a base. Too fun!

  2. Hey look, a comment from an actual Swede! I will have to see what you know about saffron buns. The dolls are made out of special doll clothes-pins (they have a stand and a big head). It was a kit I bought.

  3. Actually to be rigorous about it, Bella seemed to alternate between actual cheese and cheese-it cheese flavored crackers. And each mouthful required a trip to the kitchen.