01 October 2007

Camping and Crisp

Our camping weekend was a mixed success. We ventured across the border into Wisconsin to see what their state parks had to offer. And boy, do those cheeseheads know how to make a park! The sites are tucked in the woods, overlooking the river. With the leaves starting to turn and fall, we had a picturesque view from every inch of our site. We are so excited to head back there come spring. Our first night was as good as it gets, chili and cornbread, baked in the dutch oven, s'mores, and passing Bella--bundled from head to toe--around the campfire as a lapwarmer. Bella got up in the night, despite being bundled to the brink of infant death. Here she is the next morning, none the worse for wear:

No crackers in the tent!
But after hours of rain on Saturday, our fortitude was a bit soggy and we packed it up and came home. We happily discovered that my parents had stopped by and dropped off a big bag of homegrown apples.

Apple Crisp

Apple crisp! The perfect comfort food.

Then it was time to catch up on a little Tivo watching. The start of the fall season has been quite exciting. We've tried out a few duds, but so far we're sticking with "The War" miniseries, Survivor: China, The Office, Family Guy, Boston Legal, Curb your Enthusiasm, and the dwindling episodes of Top Chef. whew! I can't wait for Project Runway, starting (I think) November 14. Sometimes I feel bad about watching so much TV. Maybe I should work on breaking the habit? Ugh, that sounds hard and only moderately worth it. Maybe I'll do it later.

In a perfect world, I would:
--get up early*
--keep up with friends
--make the most of freetime**

*I always feel like I could get more done if I would just get up earlier. This is probably unrealistic, since if I get up too early I tend to be a teensy bit crabby for the next 18 or so hours.

**in such a way so as not to stomp around the house snarking at Brent because I spent my 'free' time doing laundry and scrubbing toilets.

I sure hope everybody has lists like that. At least I don't have things on there like 'bathe more' or 'snort less coke.' And I'm sure if I thought more deeply about it, I would have much more sensible things to improve about my world. Ack, another thing to add to the list.
--be deep

So now, to go make the most of my freetime... by surfing the internet!

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