21 August 2007

The Littlest Pirate


Bella would not normally have kept an eye patch on for longer than, oh, 0.3 nanoseconds. But since Emma was doing it, she was all for it. "Yaaar, I be a big girl!"

Yarr, I be in the pirate boat!

I even got a picture of her saying YAR, but it is out of focus, as many of my pictures tend to be. I really should learn what all those buttons on my camera do. At least I caught one of her in a moustache.


This 5th birthday party was a reality check for me. There were pirate games and pirate prizes and a pirate pinata and a giant ship-shaped (ha) cake. This is what mothers do! This is what Bella will want in just a couple years! Well-thought out incredibly labor intensive and planned well in advance theme parties. I just hope she gives me some advance notice on what theme she will prefer. Otherwise she's getting whatever theme is easiest. Probably "Christmas Clearance."

I just read a book, Unclutter Your Life, and it was so motivating. Yeah, the bottom line of the book is totally duh: GET RID OF STUFF. But let's face it, it's way easier to knit on the couch and watch Top Chef than it is to go through kitchen cupboards and clothes closets. But I was motivated enough to do both of those things. Yay for me! Yay for whoever buys my stuff at Goodwill! Yay for clean kitchen cupboards!

Brent was awesome enough to read me Harry Potter while I was quickly doing all these chores before I lost motivation. Which was very fun, like having a human iPod. He even walked around the house reading to me while I was exercising the bunnies. Going from room to room, stepping over baby/bunny gates, pausing while I yelled at Pepper.

We stayed up late the night of the last chapters. And so ends the HP reading aloud, which has sustained us since even before we were married. I remember Brent reading HP4 (I think) while I sewed my bridal veil, and he read HP6 while we painted Bella's nursery. It's the end of an era.

Cauldron Cakes
Couldron Cakes, part of a Harry Potter theme dinner to celebrate the last chapters of the book. The rest of the dinner was Quidditch Players Pie, Professor Sprout Slaw, and Butterbeers.

Fair countdown: 2 days!


  1. that's so sweet that you guys have read all the HP books aloud. I can't stand the sound of Ryan's voice when he reads. He says words wrong (like he pronounces Anntena "ANTANNA" and it bugs the crap out of me. But don't tell him that.

  2. Maybe he's reading in a dialect? He could be doing dramatic character voices. Was it Hagrid who said Antanna?
    Brent says hurth instead of hearth and for some reason every book we read has the word hearth in it like 200 times. Maybe he adds it in just to bug me.