29 August 2007

Greatest Day Ever

She flies through the air

Bella and I spent the whole day together at the fair. We started off with (what else) a waffle, in Heritage Square this time. Thanks to drama queen weather forecasters, the crowds were sparse and we got to do everything we wanted with no frustration. We walked right up to the SuperJump, no waiting! But we watched a couple big girls anyway, just to get the concept so no one would be scared. Bella didn't emote much, so I can't conclude if she liked it or not. I thought it looked really fun.

Then we ran into Fairchild, who posed with Bella, who was more interested in a guy in front of her wearing a fanny pack. At least I got a picture.

A visit from Fairchild

Our next stop was the Little Farm Hands area on Machinery Hill. Oh the cuteness! Brace yourself:

Like no Udder

She was so proud of her apron and she toted her farm bucket around, putting much more into it than was required, so I was always taking stuff out behind her back. She didn't seem to wonder where her six pumpkins and ten eggs and twenty-seven apples had gone. Into her magic bucket! At the end, you earn a dollar selling your farm goods, and Bella was busting when she used hers to buy a tiny box of Honey Nut Cheerios. It was just the damn cutest thing ever.

Then we had worked up an appetite, so we got a crepe and watched some hip hop breakdancing. Bella danced around while eating all the berries out of my crepe. Then we met up with Alison, Jed, and Joe, got to see some doggies, watch the parade, get rained on, and take a nap. In the middle of it all, we ran into Bella's favorite neighbor: 8-year old Emma (of pirating fame). That was just the icing on the cake.

I don't hesitate to say that it was my best day ever at the Fair.

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