24 August 2007

Firetruck Day at the Fair

Kicking off the fair day with a waffle

We enjoyed a big belgian waffle at Blue Moon before starting off on a big day of Fair-going. We met my parents first thing. Bella was a little crazy today, I think she got bored with her stroller. We'd let her loose and she'd run all over the place like a crazy person. Eventually she fell asleep with her head dangling out of one side of the stroller. I had to be careful not to hit it on stuff as I strolled along.

There were a ton of firetrucks there for firetruck day. The workers were even wearing shirts "The World's Largest Fire Prevention Awareness Event." Wow, World's Largest? I am moderately impressed. Don't get me wrong, I do love firetrucks. But who picks these theme days anyway? And if ours is the largest in the world, doesn't that just tell you, no one cares enough to have a bigger Fire Prevention Awareness Event... because it's boring! It's the same preachy intentions that turned the Technology Building into Condescending Dork Pavilion*. Just listen to the crap on the CDP Stage: Wind Energy Jeopardy (lame), 10 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home (lame!), LEDs! Emerging Choices in Home Lighting (lame!!). Remember just a few years ago, when it was all segways, eye-scanning laser beams, and high definition tv? damn. that was so much cooler.

If I could pick theme days, it would be Salsa Chopper Day, Stroller Racing Day, Toga Day (so obvious), No Free Tote Bags Day (this keeps out the seniors), Dress Like Your Favorite Fair Attraction Day (good luck, fish pond lovers), etc.

*with nice bathrooms and very exciting free milk

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