26 August 2007

A few people at the fair

Saturday was insanity at the Fair. That had to be a million people. They were everywhere! In front of the stroller, under the stroller, everywhere!

Ride the Giant Slide!

Here we are on the Giant Slide, which is never too crowded, no matter how crowded it gets. It magically expands to hold the necessary number of people. Oh magical giant slide, I love you.

Other exciting highlights from today:
  • Bella decided naps are for babies who don't mind missing precious fair time (she slept until 10 this morning!)
  • A parade full of motorcycles
  • "Sheila" from Andover taking some skinny girls to school in a Baby Got Back contest
  • Running into Brent's sister, 1 of the million people
  • Official fry comparison: World's Greatest vs. Fresh Fries. Fresh Fries wins.

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