23 August 2007

Ahhhh.... Fair....

A Foggy Opening Day

A foggy opening day to the Great Minnesota Get-Together. I went for a quiet first morning, enjoyed a crepe and a cup of coffee, and began plotting out my twelve days of fun. Later in the day I went back for a corn dog and some quality bunny barn time. Jed tried one of the new food items, fried fruit (on a stick, of course). Then we all went and added a nice piece of fairwear to our wardrobes. If you see something very soft and aqua, it's probably Alison.

Fried Fruit on a Stick

Tomorrow Bella and I are meeting up with the grandparents. But all they're going to want to do is ride the ejector seat over and over. Sheesh. Bella's excited because it's fire truck day!

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