30 July 2007

Pumpkin Waffles

Pumpkin Waffles

By far my favorite category of foods is Pumpkin foods. And if I had to pick my favorite subcategory of my favorite category, it would be pumpkin Breakfast foods. So when I served up piping hot pumpkin waffles and pumpkin coffee for breakfast last Sunday, I couldn't have been happier. And when Bella started cramming them in, that was even better. A chip off the old pumpkin.Enjoying her pumpkin waffle

It's a little off-season for pumpkin (for most people, not for me, I am in constant need of pumpkin) but I start to get antsy for fall this time of year. When the cicadas are out doing that buzz thing, that's what really gets me. BUZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzz. That is the sound that means that it is shortly Fair Time. The most wonderful time of the year. Fair countdown: 24 days. And after the fair, to soothe the world's despair, it will be pumpkin season. Yummy, spicy pumpkins.

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