17 April 2007

spring green

I planted my seeds for spring today.

I am most excited about chartreuse zinnias, I think. Although the thought of lots and lots of fresh basil is pretty exciting too. Here they are, all cozy under their grow lights in the laundry room.

Seeds: Day 1

It is warming up here, so that is good news for seeds, as well as for decksitting! (and garage cleaning, for that matter, but who wants to break down a winter's worth of cardboard?) I think the warm up is due in part to the fact I am nearing completion of my wool norwegian sweater. Also it is due to the fact that, um, hello, it is the freaking middle of April.

Bravo Coffee

I love coffee. I think about it all the time. I get a little shoot through my heart when I think about making a fresh pot (I just did, ooh!). Grinding the beans, listening to the slurping sound of the coffee maker. This weekend while in Rochester I went to Bravo, where I originally fell in love. (with coffee). This is nothing new, this obsession with coffee, but in a recent effort to appreciate all the things that I love, it occurred to me that of all inanimate things, I love coffee the most.

Books are a close second. And yarn. And wine. And peanut butter. I ordered a salad at Panera the other day and was tickled when they asked if I would like a mini-baguette or an apple. "An Apple!" I exclaimed, excited to avoid any temptation to stray from the no-grain diet. But then I sat with my apple, thinking, "I can't possibly eat this without peanut butter." I tucked it in my purse and ate it later, with peanut butter. Maybe they should invent the Peanutbutter Crisp apple?

I am officially sick of doing dishes. Hats off to you people without dishwashers. Our fancy new Whirpool Gold with foodblasting jetsoaking rackadjusting goodness will be arriving on Tuesday and NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON. Sometimes Bella holds onto my leg while I wash and does little wimpers that sound like, "ah pooo pooo poo pooo." And I say, to validate her feelings*, "I know! I have to wash dishes! Poor poor Mama! AH POOOOO POOO!" and really neither of us feel any better.

*I am reading "Happiest Toddler on the Block." So far, it's dumb. It has not answered my main question, how to keep your kid from throwing all their food on the floor and saying, "UH OH! Mama! UH OH!!"

The dishwasher broke hours before Easter with 22 people. Which is the way it goes, since if you'll recall, last year the washing machine broke hours before Easter. Easter is very fun around here, but appears to suck the house into a vortex of entropy and unexpected expenses. Oh well, at least we sure looked cute that day.

Matching Easter Dresses

04 April 2007

A Bunny

A Bunny

Here is Bella's Easter Bunny. She is very excited at the prospect of sitting on faux grass in a basket. She thinks it will be cushy and quaint. Bella is also very excited about her bunny. She couldn't keep her hands off her while I was trying to get a picture. Here, poor little Bunny is about to get goosed.

I figured it was ok to let her see her before Easter because, let's face it, Bella's one. And also it's not like it is from the Easter Bunny. It's from mommy. The Easter Bunny has been tipped off to bring her a toy that was on sale last week at Target (and will guaranteed be a bigger hit than poor little pointy Bunny here.)

Easter is the big holiday around here, what with the bunnies and all. So I'm excited either way. But can I just say, wouldn't it be nice if it wasn't 32 degrees with snow piling up on the new fantasy deck gazebo? I have two ideas for solving this. My first one seems so obvious, why didn't we do it centuries before? Move Easter. It needs to be about a month later. From my (limited) understanding, we're a little vague on the exact dates for anything Jesus did, and based the whole Christian calendar on trying to confuse the Pagans anyway. And Congress clearly has this power since they moved daylight savings this year. So there's obvious solution number 1. Obvious solution number 2 is to move South, and I have just the place. Martha Stewart's planned community in Orlando! That would make Easter warm, sunny, and tastefully decorated every year. Not to mention mouseketastic!!

However, both of these solutions run the risk of Easter not having that Spring-y feeling, and I'd hate to sacrifice that. The bulbs poking out of the snow, the mud smell, the cold misty morning the Bunny leaves your basket. That kind of thing is hard to give up. You can't replace those things with palm trees and predictable temperatures. Woe's the poor Hawaiian trying to feel festive about Easter.

I have another philosophical Easter question. What happens to the bunnies that all the photo studios use for their live baby bunny photo ops? My money is on that they don't get sent home to live in large, carpeted cages with a webcam lovingly pointed at them. I'm thinking they get fed to snakes. Which makes me sad.

Brent is in Washington DC this week and although he claims taking long walks around the White House and the monuments at dusk in short sleeves is not that great, I'm starting to suspect it is. But I have to admit, staying up late sewing bunnies, eating peanut butter from the jar, and watching HGTV may not sound that great either. But it is. A little bachelorette time is just what I need to properly appreciate companionship. And when Brent is back on Friday we are all three of us going to spend the day together doing companion-y type of things, and I can't wait.