30 March 2007


As promised, here are the after pictures of one of the latest home improvement projects: the guest room and bath. The before pictures are on flickr, too. They were so ugly they weren't welcome here.

Guest Room: After

Guest Room: After

Guest Bath: After

The paint in the guest room is Chanterelle and the bath is Pheasant, both from Martha Stewart. I guess I would have picked a lighter brown in the bedroom but, hey, it's up there now. The bulk of the work in that room was filling in the 17 drywall anchor holes. Yeesh! Filling, smoothing, sanding, it gets old! From there it was all good times pimping it out with my Split Rock paraphernalia collection. Finally, the Split Rock shrine I've always wanted. The bedspread is granny squares (very popular right now!) made by my Great Aunt Marie. It is only a lap size (it is on there going the wrong way), and I have grandiose plans to replace it with my been-in-progress-for-four-years flannel log cabin quilt. Which currently is disguised as a rubbermaid tub full of scraps:

Work in Progress

Speaking of works in progress, I have this project for Easter.

Bella's Easter Dress

And this one, just because I can't control myself around yarn.

Another cardy in the works

Last weekend was heaven sitting on the new deck furniture, sipping wine and doing crochet.

On the deck

Too bad it's been raining since then. Good weather to sit inside, bake, sip wine, and crochet.

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