06 March 2007

Craft Room Makeover


Craft room: Before

Craft Room: Before


Craft Room: After

Craft Room: After

I was so inspired by Alicia's craft room in last month's Romantic Homes magazine, that I decided to give mine a makeover. I painted and organized and re-assembled almost all in one day. It was kind of a frantic, exhausting day, but still a day. Bella took 5 hours of naps, so that was the secret ingredient to my productivity. I think my favorite part of the room now is the framed coat pattern on the wall next to the window. I bought it at a garage sale with a whole bunch of others and I'm so excited to be able to look at it all the time. Also the yarn cabinet is pretty cool. Although I must say, I was agast at the size of my yarn stash when it was all spread out. Huh, guess I haven't been depriving myself. The whole makeover cost me just the paint: $19.50! And after last weekend's bathroom re-do for $85, this home improvement stuff is cheap! As you can tell, I'm quite pleased with myself and my recent homemaking endeavors. Big pat on the back for me!

My current work in progress is a crochet sweater for (guess who) Bella. I haven't crochetted anything substantial before (potholders anyone?), but I'm liking it. It is easier to do with a toddler around than knitting, you can pick it up and put it down, and there's only one metal shiney thing to try to keep out of their mouth, as opposed to two. We'll see how the finished product looks! I did finish some blue Fetching glove-like things that are pretty nice for wearing indoors at the keyboard. Outdoors they are lacking in the coverage department. And in general, I think they look a little like carpal tunnel wrist braces made out of blue yarn, which is why I haven't posted a picture of them. I am sooooo super duper excited about my next project: a sweater for me! I already bought the yarn and it's bamboo. Bamboo!

For those of you who read the last post, Bunco night was a success. I served mini egg rolls (in my new chafing dish), little creme puffs (bought frozen and soooo delicious!), cheese and crackers, jalapeno-stuffed olives (most ladies ate around the jalapeno), and corn chips with pork and guacamole topping. The ladies also drank an astonishing amount of wine, proving that it would have been worth the trip to buy the $2 kind at Trader Joes. Ah well, next time. Bella even slept through the much dreaded cowbell ringing!

We also received some snow recently, and here is the door to our deck:

Little bit of snow on the deck

I had a nightmare during the snow storm that the deck snapped off the house--just snapped right off and punked down in the snow in the middle of the back yard. And with a little help from Mark Seeley's WeatherTalk, we were able to figure out there was about 2,500 lbs of snow on the deck. So Brent did a little shoveling and now I feel MUCH better!

And that's the news from Lake Wobegon!

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  1. well, if your pirate deck did sag
    then with a might crack snap off
    we hearty crew would appear
    with hammer, nails and lumber
    to build it right back up.

    but this time with a firemans pole!