21 March 2007

Cardy girl

Crochet Cardigan

If she could, she would hand you the cardigan. Then want it back. "Uah!" Then hand it to you again. "UH!" She is about to do this with her socks when I took this picture. A very cute game, what with the "Thank yous!" and the extreme effort at finding something, anything, to give you, and if you're lucky, a sign or two to go along with it.

Are we ready for spring yet? Looking at other blogs and seeing pictures of out West or in England with the lovely smell of bulbs and flower petal sidewalks and such lush greens (just imagine, green!) makes me want to get out in the garden. Which, for the record, is still brown and crunchy. But I have been plotting and planning and circling things in seed catalogs and it is just about time to get going. This year's gardening resolution: no tomatoes! I know, Dad, that's the only thing worth growing. But I always water and water and WATER and get four sad little tomatoes. This year, the backyard is going to be the project. It is soggy and messy and has a gloomy under-the-deck part. And a slight (-ly massive) grapevine problem. I always feel like I have to make lots of noise and banging when I'm out there because I am afraid of snakes in the brushy parts. "Here I come snakes! You're more afraid of me than I am of you, so here's your warning to run away before we have to test that theory!" But I have visions of perennials, a hammock, a bird bath, and a Bella pool to keep me focused. As always, I am highly motivated by the idea of a before/after photo shoot. Last night we implemented phase one, purchasing deck furniture! It was so exciting. It is all in the garage now in about 40 pieces but will soon be glamourizing the back yard in all its padded, comfy, cozy, mildew-resistant glory.

Speaking of before/afters, I have another one brewing. This one involves a very exciting trip to Lowe's to buy just-arrived Martha Stewart Paint (me: "Is it here yet?" Lowe's: "no." me: "Is it here yet?" Lowe's: "no." me:"Is it here yet?" Lowe's: "yes!" zooooooom, screech!). Although, in all honesty, the Behr paint from Home Depot goes on nicer. The IKEA nightmare chandelier finally went up in the office last weekend. It involved no less than drilling 3 new holes in the fixture itself as well as putting it up twice. It looks nice, although a little modern-er than I thought, but it works pretty good in the IKEA-exclusive office. Oh and it's better than the bare bulb with tinfoil backing (no, not kidding) that was there before. That little gem is poking out of the garbage can in the garage and I smile everytime I walk by it.

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  1. most likely you were already aware:

    The Dakota County Master Gardeners will hold their spring expo, "Let's Get Growing," from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the Rosemount Community Center, 13885 S. Robert Trail. Events include seminars, a silent auction and raffle, and a garden marketplace. The $30 registration fee includes lunch. To sign up, call the University of Minnesota Extension office in Farmington at 651-480-7700. For more information, go to www.letsgetgrowing.net.