25 January 2007

Getting Cozy

I have been in a crafting mood lately. I sewed a robot, made some cloth bags for holding toys with lots of pieces, whipped out all my birthday cards for the year (packing full my very handy birthday card filing book). I even stamped and addressed them, so if you end up not receiving one, don't be offended--I forgot your birthday way back in January.
I even finished Bella's christmas stocking. 11 months early! (Yes, that's the story I'm going with.)
Here it is.


I think it is a very dark red for such a bright and vivid little girl. I might adopt this one for my own and make hers with a lighter yarn. I have 11 months to figure it out. (THAT'S the attitude that made it late the first time!)

I guess you're probably not too much in the mood for Christmas. I just took down my last decoration: the porch garland. I was waiting for a melty, warmish day to do it and today was that day. It came down easier than ever because of my 3M garland velcro. RRRRrrrrippp! Very satisfying.

I'm a little nervous because I just pressed "send" on the evite for my first ever neighborhood ladies night. We used to do one every month during the winter, but then it got kind of out of control--from chips-and-beer to 17 layer taco dip, LeAnn Chin take out, and 3 different kinds of wine. I am aiming for re-setting the bar looooow. First goal: presentable bunny cages (for at least the first half hour). Second: no fur tumbleweeds or saliva-coated cheerios (out in the open). Third: house smells pleasant (food cooking, cleanliness (i.e. not poop)). Fourth: plenty of weenies for all (as opposed to halloween). I probably will not make weenies, actually, but I need to make something warm to put in my awesome new chafing dish. This crowd doesn't seem like a weenie group. I'm thinking more some bruschetta, olives (an excuse to go to Byerly's olive bar!), cheese plate, chocolates, that sort of thing. I think a trip to Sam's club may be in order.

I wonder what brought on all this Holly Homemaking. The crafting, that's fairly normal, although a year's worth of cards is a bit excessive, I have to admit. But the entertaining and the on-time removal of holiday decorations (I even have my valentine's stuff up! and am all caught up on holiday thank you notes!), that's not normal. It could be an attempt to contrast this year as starkly as possible with the stumbling desperation of last year at this time. To prove that it wasn't me making life so hard, it was life making life hard. Or it could be because work is spiralling out of control and so it is more important than ever that home is cozy and fun and full of friends. Maybe it's more fun to have hustle and bustle at home because there is always a little girl, staring up at you, pointing, wanting to do what you do. (Bella made her friends' birthday cards too! She only made a few in hopes that birthdays later in the year would benefit from improved crafting skills).

I am on my way now, so that I may go google "pedialyte" and "jell-o" to see if they can be combined into some kind of a fluid-like something that might tempt a little one with stomach flu. Speaking of which, I better go do some landry too!