28 December 2006

Christmas Bellas are Ringing

We had a wonderful Christmas here in the Baker household. Bella was as excited about ripping paper as I had hoped and only slightly less excited about the new toys that resulted from the paper ripping. She is especially proud of her new sled.

Sled Girl
This picture, with its shadowed eyesockets and bushy eyebrows, looks a little sinister. "I will use this sled to take over the world!" After opening the sled, she wouldn't get out of it and we had to deliver all remaining presents to her in the sled to open. See Bella Bunny.

I had a great time with my new camera, I took almost 300 pictures and a few of them are even worth posting to flickr. How exciting! Still a lot of stuff to figure out on it. I especially have trouble getting it to focus on the right thing. I have a lot of pictures with the wrapping paper or someone's elbow in focus.

Christmas Dinner went well--It wasn't quite Rachel Ray's 60-minute holiday special (although I did get to do my Rachel Ray impression, which is HI-larious) but seeing as my dad pretty much cooked the whole thing, it was equally easy. We had prime rib, cheesy potatoes, carrots, snap peas, home-made rolls, salad with oranges and pomegranate, and key lime pie for dessert. Our first Christmas dinner, on Friday with Brent's family, included the traditional and much anticipated German ribs and spaetzle.

And now, as usual, I haven't accomplished much on my post-Christmas to do list, but we have at least vacuumed up the bits of paper and food so it is safe to have Bella crawl around without fishing things out of her mouth every 11 seconds. I also mailed my Christmas cards yesterday. (a remnant of my pre-Christmas to do list.) Yay! I had fun designing and crafting them as always, but with free time so limited I think next year we'll need to do the mass produced kind. That will open up my free time for watching romantic Christmas movies (I did get to see The Holiday. And now I will be moving to England.) and playing more World of Warcraft.

Remaining items on the list include undecorating, writing thank you notes, and reassembling my (destroyed) craftrooom. All fairly enjoyable things, so no complaints here. Enjoy your post holiday lists!

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  1. Oh my. I just browsed through a few of your slide shows and Bella is totes cute.
    I thought I only thought my nephews and neice were the only cute kids around. I was mistaken.
    Congratulations on the cute kid.