23 November 2006

When Cartman froze himself for a Wii, it was just a joke

Here I am waiting in line for the Wii.

In Line for the Wii

It was 19 degrees (way too cold) and I had to drive to Target at 4:30 am (way too early). But I wasn't way too early, it turned out, I was actually uncomfortably close to way too late, being number 51 in line and knowing that Target only had 60. All it would have taken was one minor riot, a little pushing and shoving, just a few people to have friends secretly slip into line... and I would have slept outside in a frost-covered sleeping bag for nothing! So I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I had that Wii ticket in my hot (make that cold, very cold) little hands. And I just thought to myself, if this were a limited edition Pride and Prejudice console, Brent would be doing exactly the same thing. Except he would have been doing it with a big thermos full of hot chocolate lovingly prepared by his excellent wife.

After receiving my ticket, I had an hour or so to practice lying to Brent. I couldn't exactly breeze in on a Sunday morning in Will Steger arctic explorer garb and act like I'd just run out to check the mail. So I thought of various lies and settled on telling him that I was number 61. How heartbreaking! Except that when I walked in the door, I didn't look heart broken. I was giddy and overall delighted with myself. 61! Can you believe I was 61! I went up to the bedroom to change and got busted jumping on the bed. And I quickly crumbled under his inquiries.

Oh well. It sure is fun playing 'tennis' in the living room! AND I believe this means I get my present early too!

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