15 November 2006


And isn't she even sweeter in an awesomely handknit sweater (and booties!) from her favorite aunt Amy??

picot edge set

Bella bunny is proceeding nicely. She now has whiskers! And they're curly! (don't ask me, I have no idea). I made huge progress last night at StitchnBitch, probably partly because I was all knit, no chat (exact opposite of usual). Kind of defeats the purpose of getting together with the gals. I was concentrating quite hard on getting all the little facial parts securely on so that Bella "I am Entropy" Baker can't accidentally swallow a nose pad.

Bella (non-bunny version) had cheesy scrambled eggs and half an avocado for dinner. Which looked so delicious as she happily crammed it into her mouth that I made myself the same thing. Yum! Last Saturday she ate 3/4 of a full-size, waffle iron waffle, and I was so proud of her waffley preferences that I got all choked up. I haven't given her pancakes yet. I'm a little afraid of the loveometer falling a few degrees if they end up chucked onto the floor. "uh oh."

I am very excited to take Bella (again, non-bunny) to Baby Loves Disco this weekend. Not that I'm a big disco fan. But I am a big fan of pillows and bubble machines and snacks and admiring other babies and, of course, getting a little boogie woogie on. Bella's going to dig it. She especially likes to dance to George Michael "Faith." She knows it's cheesy but she just can't help herself.

Last week Brent and I decided Bella needed her own Amazon wishlist. Because kids these days, they know what they want. So we set up a comcast email account for her, used that to get her a (more lasting) gmail account (much gmail id agony). Then used that to get her an Amazon account and then created her wishlist. And yesterday I noticed a little button on MY wishlist, "Create a Wishlist for your Child!" Um, yeah. That would have been easier.

And I find it interesting that www.peppercam.com is no longer a pepper plant watching site or a computer programming conference in Iowa site, it's now a Dental consulting site! Because that makes perfect sense!

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