10 November 2006

star light star bright

Life was getting a little hectic. I forgot picture day at Bella's daycare (she looked super cute that day anyway, coincidentally), the house was a pit, we were officially out of all types of food, even the kind you would feed a baby (especially that kind, since Papa John's doesn't deliver it), the bunnies were, let me say, a complete disaster, and I hadn't gotten a chance to work on any projects since 2 hours at Stich n Bitch on Tuesday.

Then I hung up this. And now I feel so much better.

star light star bright

So pretty. It's actually not a Christmas decoration (although I was listening to Christmas music at the time, since Brent was safely three cities away). It's just a light for Bella's playroom. The room is wired without an overhead light, but all the bottoms of the plugs are on a wall switch. So you can flip a switch and voila! Come to think of it, maybe I should have made it the breakfast room instead of the playroom. Coffee, toast, bottle warmer, we could have everything at the flip of a switch!

At Slob's request, here are Bella Bunny's ears:

Bella Bunny can hear you now

I think they turned out ok, although I probably could have done a nicer job. We'll see how they look all stuffed up.

I talked to my mom today and Rochester got 9" of snow. I first heard it on voicemail and my intial reaction was, "POOP! They always get the good weather!" Which, come to think of it, is still my reaction. Poop.


  1. Poop is right. I have to admit I'd like some snow... then again, maybe I should buy a coat first. 

    Posted by click

  2. They have picture day in daycare? Wow. So what was Bella wearing? And when do you get the pics?

    AND: hurrah for bunny ears! My new idea is that you should take pictures of each step of Bella Bunny's creation and then make an animation of it all coming together. Accompanied by some appropriately bunny-ish song. You totally have time for that kind of stuff, right? 

    Posted by no name slob

  3. What would the "appropriately bunnyish song" be? Bunny Hop? Peter Cottontail?
    I'm picturing it being like a jerky, time lapse set to pulsing techno.  

    Posted by amy

  4. Pulsing techno would work. If it had the right beat, it could be sort of hoppy-ish.

    And, yeah, jerky time-lapse sounds about right. Like those videos of plants growing. But way, WAY cooler. 

    Posted by no name slob