25 November 2006

getting in the spirit

A day of shopping downtown is the best way to get in the holiday spirit, I think. Here is Bella entranced by Macy's Mary Poppins show.

Waiting for Mary Poppins to appear

It was a great show this year, provoking Bella to point and clap--a combination never before witnessed despite all the amusing antics she is audience to at home. I guess it takes someone sliding up a bannister to get that kind of reaction. Well!

Our day started out with Mary Poppins, then some (attempted) naptime, then some excellent pumpkin soup for lunch, then some downtown shopping (including spontaneous naptime), and happy hour back in the hotel room--complete with warm Candyland Caramel Corn. MMMMmmmm. It was so nice. Usually the evening would have ended with some bundled up parade watching, but unfortunately, parades overlap with little one's bedtimes.

Last night we also bought my Christmas present! A new camera! I am so excited. I turned on the power-shop bargain hunting overdrive and found a (hopefully) good deal. But Brent definitely wins for best Black Friday deal--he ended up getting paid $10.00 for taking home a 1GB compact flash card. Yeah, that's hard to top.

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