28 November 2006

Bella Bunny

Here she is, Bella Bunny, posing prettily for the camera.

Bella Bunny

She is very excited for Christmas, when, she heard, there will be breakfast pastries--her favorite! But for now I told her she had to hide in the basement so the real Bella doesn't see her. She's not happy about it but at least she has some other Christmas toys to keep her company.

The real Bella isn't feeling too good today. Which so far means a lot of sleeping. Poor Bella!

I think my next toy project should be Wicket the Ewok. What do you think?

25 November 2006

getting in the spirit

A day of shopping downtown is the best way to get in the holiday spirit, I think. Here is Bella entranced by Macy's Mary Poppins show.

Waiting for Mary Poppins to appear

It was a great show this year, provoking Bella to point and clap--a combination never before witnessed despite all the amusing antics she is audience to at home. I guess it takes someone sliding up a bannister to get that kind of reaction. Well!

Our day started out with Mary Poppins, then some (attempted) naptime, then some excellent pumpkin soup for lunch, then some downtown shopping (including spontaneous naptime), and happy hour back in the hotel room--complete with warm Candyland Caramel Corn. MMMMmmmm. It was so nice. Usually the evening would have ended with some bundled up parade watching, but unfortunately, parades overlap with little one's bedtimes.

Last night we also bought my Christmas present! A new camera! I am so excited. I turned on the power-shop bargain hunting overdrive and found a (hopefully) good deal. But Brent definitely wins for best Black Friday deal--he ended up getting paid $10.00 for taking home a 1GB compact flash card. Yeah, that's hard to top.

23 November 2006

When Cartman froze himself for a Wii, it was just a joke

Here I am waiting in line for the Wii.

In Line for the Wii

It was 19 degrees (way too cold) and I had to drive to Target at 4:30 am (way too early). But I wasn't way too early, it turned out, I was actually uncomfortably close to way too late, being number 51 in line and knowing that Target only had 60. All it would have taken was one minor riot, a little pushing and shoving, just a few people to have friends secretly slip into line... and I would have slept outside in a frost-covered sleeping bag for nothing! So I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I had that Wii ticket in my hot (make that cold, very cold) little hands. And I just thought to myself, if this were a limited edition Pride and Prejudice console, Brent would be doing exactly the same thing. Except he would have been doing it with a big thermos full of hot chocolate lovingly prepared by his excellent wife.

After receiving my ticket, I had an hour or so to practice lying to Brent. I couldn't exactly breeze in on a Sunday morning in Will Steger arctic explorer garb and act like I'd just run out to check the mail. So I thought of various lies and settled on telling him that I was number 61. How heartbreaking! Except that when I walked in the door, I didn't look heart broken. I was giddy and overall delighted with myself. 61! Can you believe I was 61! I went up to the bedroom to change and got busted jumping on the bed. And I quickly crumbled under his inquiries.

Oh well. It sure is fun playing 'tennis' in the living room! AND I believe this means I get my present early too!

15 November 2006


And isn't she even sweeter in an awesomely handknit sweater (and booties!) from her favorite aunt Amy??

picot edge set

Bella bunny is proceeding nicely. She now has whiskers! And they're curly! (don't ask me, I have no idea). I made huge progress last night at StitchnBitch, probably partly because I was all knit, no chat (exact opposite of usual). Kind of defeats the purpose of getting together with the gals. I was concentrating quite hard on getting all the little facial parts securely on so that Bella "I am Entropy" Baker can't accidentally swallow a nose pad.

Bella (non-bunny version) had cheesy scrambled eggs and half an avocado for dinner. Which looked so delicious as she happily crammed it into her mouth that I made myself the same thing. Yum! Last Saturday she ate 3/4 of a full-size, waffle iron waffle, and I was so proud of her waffley preferences that I got all choked up. I haven't given her pancakes yet. I'm a little afraid of the loveometer falling a few degrees if they end up chucked onto the floor. "uh oh."

I am very excited to take Bella (again, non-bunny) to Baby Loves Disco this weekend. Not that I'm a big disco fan. But I am a big fan of pillows and bubble machines and snacks and admiring other babies and, of course, getting a little boogie woogie on. Bella's going to dig it. She especially likes to dance to George Michael "Faith." She knows it's cheesy but she just can't help herself.

Last week Brent and I decided Bella needed her own Amazon wishlist. Because kids these days, they know what they want. So we set up a comcast email account for her, used that to get her a (more lasting) gmail account (much gmail id agony). Then used that to get her an Amazon account and then created her wishlist. And yesterday I noticed a little button on MY wishlist, "Create a Wishlist for your Child!" Um, yeah. That would have been easier.

And I find it interesting that www.peppercam.com is no longer a pepper plant watching site or a computer programming conference in Iowa site, it's now a Dental consulting site! Because that makes perfect sense!

10 November 2006

star light star bright

Life was getting a little hectic. I forgot picture day at Bella's daycare (she looked super cute that day anyway, coincidentally), the house was a pit, we were officially out of all types of food, even the kind you would feed a baby (especially that kind, since Papa John's doesn't deliver it), the bunnies were, let me say, a complete disaster, and I hadn't gotten a chance to work on any projects since 2 hours at Stich n Bitch on Tuesday.

Then I hung up this. And now I feel so much better.

star light star bright

So pretty. It's actually not a Christmas decoration (although I was listening to Christmas music at the time, since Brent was safely three cities away). It's just a light for Bella's playroom. The room is wired without an overhead light, but all the bottoms of the plugs are on a wall switch. So you can flip a switch and voila! Come to think of it, maybe I should have made it the breakfast room instead of the playroom. Coffee, toast, bottle warmer, we could have everything at the flip of a switch!

At Slob's request, here are Bella Bunny's ears:

Bella Bunny can hear you now

I think they turned out ok, although I probably could have done a nicer job. We'll see how they look all stuffed up.

I talked to my mom today and Rochester got 9" of snow. I first heard it on voicemail and my intial reaction was, "POOP! They always get the good weather!" Which, come to think of it, is still my reaction. Poop.