29 August 2006

Bella: Fair Veteran

I can confidently say that Bella has enjoyed her two days so far at the State Fair. This is her watching the parade. She was unphased by the incredibly loud marching band drum section that stopped right in front of her. She was highly entertained by those girls I always make fun of who twirl the flags around.

For more pics, you can look at our new Flickr site:

There is also a new movie for your viewing pleasure! This one, Bella July (14M), documents her camping trip and her trip to the cabin. I took a bunch of video today at the fair, so hopefully we'll have a good one coming on that topic.

The fair is incredibly awesome, as usual. I feel like I was born to take Bella to the fair. To shop with her, look at giant pumpkins with her, watch pitch men with her, and to feed her lefse in a little mesh teether bag. And in that little Heritage Square bonnet, isn't she such a cute fair goer? Her onesie says Minnesota State Fair, but you can't see it.

Also, for the many saddened bloggers who wrote about the closing of the Penny Arcade... I don't know how to break this to you, but it's still there. So that was a big waste of emotion. It is just slimmed down to make room for a giant butterfly extravaganza.