30 May 2006

How cute are we--all dressed up for a funeral

Hey, any excuse to put on a cute outfit and be admired. This photo was taken right after our trip to New Ulm. Bella slept the whole way there and almost the whole way back--pooping herself awake about 2/3 of the way home, forcing us to stop at Emma Krumbee's Restaurant and Apple Orchard. Sounds family-friendly, right? It's called "Emma Krumbee's" for gosh's sake. It has a bakery and a gift shop and a pumpkin patch. How much warmer, fuzzier, full of family-values can you get? You would THINK they would have a CHANGING TABLE. But no, apparently Emma's babies never soiled themselves.

Now I know why my mom still hates a restaurant they went to in 1975 that didn't have highchairs.

The funeral was for Brent's uncle. Brent's family funerals are nice because afterwards you get to console yourself with German potato salad. mmmm.... consiliatory potato salad.... Bella sat through about half of the service before expressing her restlessness with loud AHHHH noises. Then we went out into the entry way where we bounced and reviewed a helpful pamphlet, "A Catholic Response to the Da Vinci Code." Which was interesting and fired me up to see the movie (probably not the intended response). So Sunday we got a sitter and went to see it. Which makes for three movies in one weekend, since Friday was our first drive-in adventure of the season.

Speaking of Movies!

Here is the latest installment in the Bella film festival. I call this one, Bella: 4 months (22M) and it features her rolling over as well as many special effects. Her first two roll-overs weren't caught on film--first roll-over ever was while I turned around to get a burp cloth (d'oh!) and the second took about 20 minutes. We actually have the end of that one on tape but it didn't make for very exciting movie watching.

"Solid" food not as big of a hit as expected

I was so excited to have Bella try some cereal. Who doesn't like cereal? and a spoon! Who doesn't like to eat off of a rubber spoon? You'd think we were feeding her horseradish.

13 May 2006

You may commence admiring the sweater

One of the tricks that Bella does that I am most amused by is that she will stick out her tongue if I stick out my tongue. It only works about 10% of the time so I was quite impressed that I managed to capture it on film. And when I say FILM, I actually mean film. I took this with an actual film camera in an attempt to be arty. The sweater is the last one that I finished and damn if it isn't uber cute. It has ribbon and ties in the back.

On to admiring the baby

I have composed a video, Cute as a Bug (14MB), which you may count as the first of many since I just got A BRAND NEW VIDEO CAMERA! (in my head it's Bob Barker saying that). Brent gave it to me for my birthday and it was quite the surprise. I have never really used a video camera before so it is very exciting. Brent and I have found that we are highly amused by any videos of Bella--to the point where we will park her in the bouncy chair in the office so that we can watch videos of her in peace. Hmm, ignoring the real baby in favor of videos of the baby. Why am I not surprised.

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