17 April 2006

First Day at Daycare!

Bella had a fun first day at daycare. They had a bouncy seat which she was very excited about! And they had muffins and juice and an Easter basket for "Bella" (that she wants to share with her mom), which I was very excited about.

The first day back at work wasn't too traumatic. Just a matter of forcing everyone who stops by the cube to examine and admire pictures of my adorable baby. And I was quite excited to leave work at 4:30, something I never do since I never get in very early. But then there's this thing called TRAFFIC which I haven't experienced in a while and threw a bit of a snag in my 'home at 4:45' fantasy--quickly (or slowly, painfully, inchingly slowly) turning it into a 'home at 6' fantasy. Which rapidly became a leftover ham and sweet potato fantasy. Which turned out just fine.

Easter Rousing Success Despite Extra Juicyness

We had the best Easter this year. Sure there was a ham juice explosion that might have doused a couple of us in extra hammy goodness, but who can complain when you still smell like applewood smoked maple glaze at 9 pm? And I made a startling discovery that I have access to a hot tub in the family with minimal sucking up required. Here I was plotting to get all buddy buddy with the neighbors who just installed one. What a waste of effort that would have been!

I have a hilarious picture of my mom drinking champagne while she holds Bella wearing tiny watermelon sunglasses. But for some reason blogger isn't letting me put it up. Maybe blogger doesn't find it as hilarious as myself and instead sees it as boozing grandma exploits baby. Shame on you blogger for being so judgemental.

Washing Machine Broken: Basement filling up fast

You know that Maytag guy that looks kind of flea-bitten and Hitchcock-y on those commercials? I guess he's coming over tomorrow. Our washing machine started washing at its own leisure. A little aggitate here, a little spin there, maybe I'll finish this load today, maybe I'll finish it in a week, maybe I'll smell like something's melting... Brent's fairly sure a piece of strawberry shortcake clothing got sucked in somewhere and is causing problems. Which, seeing as I washed a whole load of strawberry shortcake clothing, is entirely possible. I put it all in lingerie bags so I thought I was in the clear. But I'm still pretty nervous that grizzled Maytag guy is going to lever out a tiny pair of green and white striped tights from the pump and I'm going to have some explaining to do.

I Still think Soccer is Boring

But I'm ready for my mini-van! We test drove a Toyota Sienna and that was pretty darn nice. The salesman takes us for a "riding experience" first (in other words--no driving for you) where he shows us the turning radius, whipping around in this little cul de sac. It zipped around like a little (ok, big) race car! We did get to drive it eventually and it had all the Canyonero features I was looking for--purse hook, sunglasses holder, little bubble mirror to watch the kid in the back, seats even a wussy girl can stow-away, grocery cubby (good for stabilizing the rotisserie chickens). Here's where everyone who told me that a Mini Cooper wasn't a good family car gets to say I Told You So. Hey, at least I didn't get a Vespa like I wanted! Although a Vespa would be such a dream to park at work. I just have to figure out a way to make it baby compatible. All ideas welcome.


  1. Mini Coopers rock! You would have been the cool mom who drives the cool eco friendly BMW made car.

    Toyotas are rock solid great vehicles. Have you picked out a color or are just going to go with whatever is on the lot.

    Did you test drive the S2000? Nothing says 'cool mom' like a tiny coupe convertible... in red.

  2. A baby compatible Vespa... hmm. You would need a special baby vespa seat... I think if you are going to invent that you might as well add in a "Al's stool" kit. That way wee Bella can go from the Vespa to the stool and then right back onto the Vespa after you are done eating plate sized pancakes.

  3. In answer to the all-important color question--I would like mint green (to match my dream vespa) or possibly viagra blue (as seen on HBO Big Love). However the Sienna doesn't come in those colors. Stupid uncreative Toyota. So now we're talking custom paint job. And then I might as well get something awesome, like pearlescent pink.

    An indestructible universal baby pod (in coordinating mint/pink) would be a nice addition to both a Vespa and Al's I think. She could strap onto my back on the Vespa and get toted directly into Al's. Maybe it could even be sound proof! with a bottle dispenser!

    On second thought, maybe Al's is more fun with just a book and no squirming baby. At least until she can have pancakes.

  4. I heard about your new van. Can't beat a minivan huh? You have a georgous girl there let me tell you.