23 March 2006

At least it's not a porn site

So, much to my disappointment, www.bellacam.com is already taken. And, as usual with all my awesome web address ideas, it's taken by someone totally undeserving. This guy, "Mark," is just using it as a redirect. That is so lame. So my next idea was www.bellabaker.com, which is being squatted on by Netster, who it turns out obtained the domain by "utilizing proprietary algorithms developed specifically for our business needs." It took Brent and I 7 months to come up with a name and they just stumble on it using proprietary algorithms? Now I feel so unoriginal.*

Incidentally, Peppercam is now NURSERYcam! (requires IE) I think all the interference on there is from the baby monitor. Poor Pepper. No longer the star of her own web site! At least she has a domain name.

*actually we felt unoriginal right from the get-go, when we parked Bella in the hospital nursery and glanced at the baby parked next to her: Anna Bella. Good thing we're not hung up on being too original.

News Flash: Don't Wake a Sleeping Baby

So I managed to resist reading any scary pregnancy books while I was pregnant, right up until the end when I panicked and decided I had to study up on labor. I think this worked out for the best, since in order to write 200 page books about pregnancy, publishers can't get around including rare scary conditions that all start out with the symptom "abdominal discomfort," otherwise known as the main symptom of "pregnancy."

But I didn't use such good judgement when it came to baby. My neighbor gave me the book, "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer." I was at a point where I was a little desperate for any advice that would make Bella a less fussy and more sleepy baby. So I zipped through the book and it all made such sense: put her on a routine! feed her every three hours! don't let her sleep too much during the day! EXCEPT that if you do any of these things, it involves waking a sleeping baby. "Ok," I think, "What's the big deal about waking her up? She'll get used to the routine." Enter the age-old adage, Never Wake a Sleeping Baby. Which, as is usually the case with these type of things, is age-old for a reason. Sleeping babies who have been woken up are 1) crabby 2) not in the mood to eat 3) crabby and 4) really hard to put back to sleep. What's that you say, you already knew that? Well zippity doo dah to you. Maybe you could drop the Baby Whisperer a line.

Pancake meter dangerously low

If only Al's had baby stools! Posted by Picasa